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Siku zote bahati yako iko mikononi mwako tu, ili kudhibitisha kuwa ni kweli bofya kwenye picha iliyopo hapa chini.

RESEARCH PROGRAM CONSIGN WITH. Hiv/aids for new generation.

 Hiv/aids for new generation.

Young people of today are faced with numerous health and socio-economic challenges. Many of the health challenges will affect the length and quality of their adult lives.

A cross the globe, many young people are at risk from unprotected sex that can leads to sexually transmitted infections (STI). Data from 3003 – 2004 Tanzania HIV/AIDS indicator survey show that 3.5% of young people aged 15 – 24 years and 2% of young people aged 15 – 19 years have HIV positive.

According to same study, a lack of adequate knowledge about sexuality and how HIV is spread is one of the major contributing factors to the problems. Less than 40% of girls and only 43% of boys aged of 15 – 19 years have a compressive knowledge of HIV, and even among of 20 – 24 years old, just half have basic essential information about Hiv/Aids in Tanzania country.

HIV is the abbreviation of the term “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” HIV is the virus which cause AIDS. And this AIDS is stand for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

In Swahili the term UKIMWI stand for “Upungufu wa Kinga Mwilini” the name of the disease already tells us about the disease, namely that the immune system is weakened. The disease is called AIDS, once its symptoms become visible.

The difference between HIV and AIDS is that a person how is infected with HIV can still be healthy looking person. Although the virus can be found in his or her blood. They have not started yet to attack the white blood cells. On the other hands, the immune system of person with AIDS has lost its strength.

The body now suffers from different diseases called “opportunistic infection” because they take opportunity of the weak body defense.  People who suffer from AIDS might lose weight, frequently have fever or diarrhea or skin problem. However all these diseases are not a sign of an HIV infection. To be sure should consult a doctor.

The immune system is the system which helps the body to protect itself from diseases. The white blood cells in the human body play an important role in the immune system.

In the same way soldiers defend their country; these white blood cells protect the body against diseases. Once this white blood cell is attacked, the body lose its capacity to protect itself from sickness and disease.

There is so many ways which cause spread or the transmitted of HIV/AIDS. The following are the few ways:

1.Acksdent, this it can spread of hiv/aids trough injuries for blood interaction from one injury person to another person.
RESEARCH PROGRAM CONSIGN WITH.  Hiv/aids for new generation. Tazamaa.blogspot.com

2. Sex, diseases it can transfer from one person to another through sensitivity organs if there is a source of conduct between two people of us.

3. Sharper tools, these affect so many of women because it use in saloon to set hair style and finger. But it affects men also because the machine which we are using to cut the hair or to trim our trimmer some time it can be the source if we are not used careful. (to follow the instructions).

4. Mother to child during delivery period. Child can get infection through service from her mother like milk which breast-feeding mothers, or for the time when mother her deriver children.

This virus is located in white blood cells of human body fluids, especially in the blood, in seminal fluids, in the vaginal fluids and in the milk breast-feeding mothers. The white blood cells are the preferred place for HIV to live and reproduce. Once the viruses are inside the body, they settle and increase their numbers within the blood cells until these blood cells burst.

The viruses which are released continue to attack other white blood cells, the more viruses are released and the number of white cells decreases. As a result the immune systems of the person become weaker and weaker.

After being infected with HIV it take approximately three mothers until the virus can be identified in the blood. It is useless to go for testing immediately after having had a risky contact. You should wait three mothers before going to a voluntary counseling and testing centre or VCT.
HIV is mainly spread through sexual contact.

If a person has many lovers, the probabilities of getting infection increase, because each lover is a potential source of infection, if they have sex without using a condom. In addition, treating other sexually transmitted disease too late contributes to the spread of HIV. If a person suffer from another sexually transmitted diseases, because of sores on the sexual organs. Finally, the abuse of drugs and excessive drinking can weaken a person capacity to make sound decisions about his or her sexual life. So friend be care.

Yes! There is a big danger for getting infected with HIV when having oral or anal sex. The skin in the anus is very soft and the probability of getting small cuts during sexual intercourse is big, also because there are no body fluids to smoothen penetration, as for example in the vagina. It is very easy for the viruses to pass through these small cuts. Oral sex-licking the penis or vagina is also dangerous. If a woman has small cuts in his mouth or penis, they can infect each other. Peoples are advised to use condoms in order to prevent infection diseases from infected person.

Also any one can get hiv/aids through deep kissing. The probability of getting hiv/aids through deep kissing is very small. By exchanging saliva during kissing alone, it is not possible to transmit hiv/aids. However, if one of the lovers or both have cuts or sores in their mouth, the probability of getting infections diseases is very high. My advice to you is let us do safe sex at all

This research program report is created and prepared up to given out by only one person. Mutalemwa Onesmo Juvenary
   Sponsored by the German Government (German Development Policy),
       ©Tanzania German Programme to Support Health (TGPSH), 2007,
Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS)
gtzGerman Technical Cooperation.
Siku zote bahati yako iko mikononi mwako tu, ili kudhibitisha kuwa ni kweli bofya kwenye picha iliyopo hapa chini.

Kutoa mimba akukufanyi kuendelea kuwa binti bali unabaki kuwa mama wa marehemu

Kutoa mimba akukufanyi kuendelea kuwa binti bali unabaki kuwa mama wa marehemu (i-save iyo).
Hii picha ni kwa hisani ya Rose Muhando kwenye wimbo wa Yesu ni wetu
kwa habari mbali mbali usisite kutembelea MUTALEMWA BLOG na MIKOA YETU
Siku zote bahati yako iko mikononi mwako tu, ili kudhibitisha kuwa ni kweli bofya kwenye picha iliyopo hapa chini.


Mikono, viganja na vidole ni kati ya sehemu muhimu katika mwili wa mwanamke. Mikono hutumika kujiremba pamoja na majukumu mengine mengi. Mikono isipotunzwa vizuri ni rahisi sana kuharibika, kupoteza mvuto wake wa asili na kuharibu afya ya kucha. Hitaji la urembo wakati mwingine humsukuma msichana katika matumizi ya vipodozi vya kupaka kwenye kucha zake ili kukamilisha urembo wake.

Pamoja na kuwa kucha nzuri huongeza urembo, mvuto na furaha ya mwanamke lakini pia ni vizuri kukumbuka kuwa afya ni muhimu kuliko urembo na uzuri. Afya ya mwili na kucha za mwanamke kwa ujumla hutegemea chakula bora chenye protein, madini, vitamini na keratin na siyo rangi na vipodozi.

Kwa ajili ya afya bora ya kucha, inashauriwa kula mboga za majani, korosho, asali na matunda kwa wingi kila siku. Usafi wa kucha kila siku kwa kuziosha kwa maji ya uvuguvugu na sabuni laini pamoja na brashi ndogo ya mikono huimarisha afya ya kucha. Kucha pia zinaweza kusafishwa kwa maji ya mmea wa mshubiri (Aloevera), kitunguu saumu kilichopondwa pondwa au kitunguu maji kisha viganja na vidole vikaushwe vizuri na kupaka losheni.

Je! Unafahamu kuwa kucha zako zinaweza kukujulisha kuhusu afya yako? Zinaweza kukujulisha tatizo katika ini, mapafu na hata moyo wako. Tumekuwekea hapa maelezo ya kutosha ya namna muonekano wa kucha zako unavyoweza kukujulisha kuhusu afya yako.

1. Pale Nails. Endapo rangi ya kucha zako ikiwa kama imefifia hivi basi kunawezekano mkubwa wa kuwa na tatizo la ukosefu wa damu, vile vile inaweza kuwa natitzo la kisukari au magonjwa ya Ini

2. White Nails. Ukiwa na kucha rangi nyeupe alafu zimezungukwa na weusi inasemekana utakuwa na tatizo la ugonjwa wa Ini (Hepatitis). Pia inaweza kuwa ni tatizo la figo au ukosefu wa virutubisho mwilini hasa Protini.

Tazama Line

3. Yellow Nails. Endapo kucha zako zikiwa na muonekano wa rangi ya njano basi utakuwa unatatizo la fangasi kwani ndiyo chanjo kikuu cha kucha kuwa za njano. Lakini pia unaweza kuwa na tatizo la Tezi. Tafiti zinaonesha kuwa Tezi hili la shingoni husababisha kucha kutokuwa na afya zuri kwani thyroid homoni zinasababisha kucha kutengana na ukuta (mzizi wake) hivyo kupelekea kucha kushindwa kukua vizuri matokeo yake muonekano wa kucha unakuwa ni kama kwenye picha.

4. Bluish nails. Ublue katika kucha nalo ni tatizo, hii inawezekana ukawa na tatizo katika mfumo wa hewa. Kuwa na kucha za rangi ya blue ni matokeo ya ukosefu wa oxygen katika kucha zako. Hii inasababishwa na kuwa na mzunguuko mdogo sana wa damu hasa katika maeneo ya baridi sana. Kuwa na mzunguuka mdogo wa damu kunasabosha damu isifike katika maeneo yote ya mwili kwa kiasi kinachohitajika.

5. Rippled nails. Endapo utaona kucha zako ziko na vidoti vidoti kama inavyonekana kwenye picha na ngazi chini ya kucha inaonekana kama nyekundu basi wewe utakuwa na dalili za mwanzo za fangasi katika ngozi (Psoriasis). Hii inasababisha seli za ngozi ya juu kufa. Mara nyingi Psoriasis inatokea kwenye ngozi, kucha, viwiko (elbow) na magoti.

6. Dark lines beneath the nails. Wataalamu wa afya wanasema kuwa endapo kucha zako zikionesha mstari mweusi kama ilivyokwenye picha, fanya haraka kutafuta hospitali kwa vipimo zaidi. Kuwepo kwa mstari huo mweusi ni dalili tosha za melanoma (Moja ya kansa mbaya sana za ngozi)

Inashauriwa kuwa ili tuweze kugundua rangi hii basi tusiwe tunapaka rangi za kucha kila mara. hii itatusaidia kutofautisha kati ya rangi za kucha na mstari huo. Vile vile kucha zikipata mwanga wa jua inakuwa rahisi kugundua rangi hizo na mwanga wa jua huwa haupiti kama kucha imepakwa rangi.

Muonekano wa kucha ni njia rahisi kutambua afya yako lakini wakati mwingine si kila mwenye kucha nyeupe sana basi atakuwa na tatizo la ini. Pale unapohisi tu muonekano wa kucha zako umekuwa tofauti na ulivyouzoea basi fanya mpango wa kumuona daktari kwa ushauri na uangalizi zaidi.

Kwa afya njema ya kucha, mwanamke pia anashauriwa asifungue pini za barua au kukwangua vocha za simu kwa kutumia kucha. Kucha zisikatwe kwa kutumia meno na zisilowekwe kwenye maji kwa muda mrefu hasa pale maji hayo yanapokuwa na kemikali au sabuni. Kwa ajili ya afya njema ya kucha za miguuni, ni muhimu kuhakikisha kuwa, viatu kabla ya kuvaliwa vinakuwa vikavu na safi kabisa. Viatu visipotumiwa pia vihifadhiwe sehemu kavu isiyo na vumbi, maji au unyevunyevu ili kuepusha visiwe makazi ya kuvu (fungus)
Siku zote bahati yako iko mikononi mwako tu, ili kudhibitisha kuwa ni kweli bofya kwenye picha iliyopo hapa chini.

Nape: Wapuuzi, nimekuja hapa wananitolea bastola eti rudi kwenye gari

Heshima Kwenu wakuu, Leo nimeamua kuwaletea update kutoka kwenye mkutano wa aliyekuwa Waziri wa Michezo wa awamu ya tano Nape Nnauye.





13:08hrs: Nipo hapa Protea hotel, Mheshimiwa Nape bado hajafika. Ntamsubiri hapa hapa.

Ametokea mtu anayeitwa Iddi Suleiman ambae ni meneja wa Protea na kudai mkutano hautakuwepo na waandishi walipombana nani kazuia, alisema akaulizwe RPC wa Kinondoni.
Nape anaongea na waandishi wa habari nje ya Hoteli akiwa juu ya gari

Nape: Wapuuzi, nimekuja hapa wananitolea bastola eti rudi kwenye gari, nimepigana kuiweka CCM madarakani anakuja mpuuzi eti usishuke kwenye gari, mimi nape sina kinyongo na uamzi wa rais wangu, kama sikumshawishikunichagua hivyo hata kuniacha ni sawa.

Nimejitahidikutimiza wajibu wangu, tusihangaike na Nape tuhangaike na Tanzania inapokwenda nimekuwa mzalendo na muungwana, nimekuwa ninatimiza wajibu wangu.

Mimi ndo nimekuwa mzalendo kwa CCM, ambayo niliikuta ikiingia kwenye shimo inakwenda, nitasemakweli daima na fitina kwangu mwiko, na nilichokisiamamia juzi ni kusema kweli, kinachotukutanisha sio magwanda ya kijani, ni imani, nimefundisha na mzee Nnauye kusema kweli na kusimamia ninachokiamini, kamaninachokiamini kitaleta matatizo mimi nlishawahikufukuzwa CCM

Usipopita kwenye matatizoya kisiasa hutakomaa, Ili mbegu iote shuti ioze, nimepanda mbegu ya kupigania haki hakika itaota, Tanzania ni yetu nchini yetu. Vijana hamna la kuogopa simamieni mnachokiamini Mwalimu, Kawawa waliondoka na sisi tutaondoka.

Sisi pia tutaondoka suala la kujiuliza tutaawaachia watoto wetu nchi ya aina gani, hilo ndio kubwa,uamuzi ni wa kwetu wenyewe

Lengo la kuja hapa ni kumshukuru Rais kwa alichokifanya, namshukuru kwa kuniamini kwa mwaka mmoja, nampongeza Mwakyembe naye ni mwanahabari. 

Nimefurahi kufanya kazi na nyie, muungeni mkono Mwakyembe na Rais Magufuli ndiye rais tuliyenaye na kudumisha umoja na mshikamano.

Tumefanya kazi pamoja na nimefurahi sana kufanya kazi na nyie 
Tudumishe amani na upendo wa nchi yetu, Nape ni mdogo kuliko nchi, wakati wa aliyeniteua ameniondoa mimi nitaendelea kuwatumikia. Niliomba kazi ya Ubunge na sio uwaziri, sasa narudi kuwatumikia wananchi wangu wa Mtama 

Polisi wamezuia gari ya Nape isiondoke, ameshuka kwenye gari anamsikiliza kamanda wa polisi Kinondoni. Nape anawataka waandishi wa habari waondoke, anadai hakuna la kuwaambia tena
Siku zote bahati yako iko mikononi mwako tu, ili kudhibitisha kuwa ni kweli bofya kwenye picha iliyopo hapa chini.
Inaendeshwa na Blogger.
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