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Maendeleo ya kweli na yenye tija kwa wengi yanaanzia kwako wewe binafsi, ili kudhibitisha kuwa ni kweli bofya picha hii.
 P.O. Box 1750 Mwanza, Plot No. 2, Block "R" Nyerere Road/Liberty Corner Opposite Al-Jumaa Masjid.

Contact: 0783 202 192/0756 407 160
Email: mwanza.tz@anisuma.com

Welcome to our Sony new shop here in Rock city Mwanza Tanzania.

In this shop we sale the following items.

1. Sony radio
2. Home Theatre System.
3. DVD Players
4. TV'S starting 18-inches and more
5. Camera
6. Small Radio's
7. External Adisck
8. USB Flash disck
9. Projector
10. Sound Bar
11. All Batteries (AA, AAA, C-Size, D-Size) & Rechargeable

12. Air clipper & Shavers
13. Washing Machine
14. Headphone & Earphone
15. Pasi za nyere kwa akina mama nk.
16. Empty CD & Empty DVD-R & DVD-RW
17. Fridges all different size
18. Frizer all different size

We are opposite to this Zara Solar Limited nearly to Al-Jumaa masjid and Semira Electronic

19. Microwave
20. Gass cookers & Electric cookers
21. Wall Fans & Rechargeable fans
22. Irons
23. Blenders
24. Car Speakers
25. Toster
26. Table grill
27. Kettle & Mixer
28. Rice Cooker
29. Vacuum cleaners
30. Potable speakers
31. Camera case
32. Water Dispenser
33. CD Gems for Ps3 and others
34. Wall Blacket for TV
35. Air Condition
36. Juicer

Our shop is open from 9:00am up to 5:30pm- Monday up to Saturday, and we are at Mwanza Nyerere Road, Liberty Corner street opposite to Al-Jumaa Masjid. Siku zote bahati yako iko mikononi mwako tu, ili kudhibitisha kuwa ni kweli bofya kwenye picha iliyopo hapa chini.
Never let a problem become an excuse. Put your Problem in Proper Perspective. What is the secret ingredient of tough people that enables them to succeed? Why do they survive the tough times when others are overcome by them? Why do they win when others lose? Why do they soar when others sink? The answer is very simple. It's all in how they perceive their problems.

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